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Modernizing Egg Boxes with Corrugated Paper Board

cardboard egg cartons for 6 eggsEveryone is familiar with seeing egg boxes made from cardboard or polystyrene that it seems that eggs won’t be the same without them. Putting eggs in plastic containers just don’t feel right for many and because of this egg box design companies are looking for ways to innovate the all-too-familiar egg carton boxes that everyone loves into designs that are not only fun to look at but will keep their precious eggs intact even when accidentally dropped.

Modernized Cardboard Egg Boxes

The design for egg boxes have remained virtually the same for decades, but now designers are looking into modernizing to make them more interesting for customers. Egg carton boxes are no longer limited to half a dozen to dozen eggs as egg box companies are coming up with innovative designs for one, two, and four eggs in one packaging.

egg gift boxes single egg box with corrugated paperYou’ve probably come across egg boxes in different colors while buying groceries. Alagobox design team are incorporating colors to catch the eyes of the customers to make them want to purchase their products. Colorful corrugated paper board can be used widely and properly.  There are some egg box companies that offer gourmet egg box packaging for a single egg that keeps the egg in perfect condition regardless of being dropped. Alagobox cardboard designers are coming up with new and interesting designs that are bringing egg boxes to life.

Aside from the usual rectangular shaped cardboardDelta connection box of eggs Delta connection box of eggs for 3 piecesegg cartons, egg box designers have come up with simple
square designs that hold one to two eggs. Shape can be triangle egg boxes or even delta connected egg package. You can choose from egg boxes with or without windows depending on your preferences. You can work with Alagobox team to get further professional supports!

What’s great about egg boxes is that they can be recycled and reused many timesbecause the materials used are environment-friendly. Carton is both hardy and durable, and since it doesn’t deteriorate easily, it can be reused into various items such as plant box for seedlings, crate for newly bought eggs, and others.

Egg Carton Packaging Improvements

6 egg package with handle and divider 6 egg package with strong handleEgg packaging has certainly come a long way from regular rectangular shaped boxes to the more elaborate and intricate designs. What hasn’t changed much is the use of cardboard as primary material because of its sturdiness, durability, and strength. Packaging companies are now producing innovative designs for egg boxes that are not only capable of keeping eggs intact but also ready for farmers to put their own brand on the boxes for selling.

Packaging designers are even coming up with egg gift boxes that can be displayed as a gift, reused and recycled too which is a great idea as people nowadays are looking for more ways to minimize their impact to their surroundings.

Innovative designers are really giving egg boxes their much-neededtriangle egg box for various quantity lease triangle eggs box for 3 eggsin life as they come up with simple to complicated packaging that not only protects the eggs within but also impress people with their smart packaging designs. For example, egg boxes with heart shape window to see through, or egg gift boxes with foldable template design which is easy for storage and stock. Also, such designs and product will drive your sales to increase due to more eye-catching and eco-friendly.

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