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Superior Quality Shirt Box Solutions

Cool packaging design for shirt box or T-shirt boxes

triangle shirt box with handlePresentation boxes are now becoming highly in demand. These boxes are made to impress and protect and are also made to measure for your special gifts, presentations, awards ceremonies and more. If you are looking for top quality presentation boxes, you can go to Alagobox website to find what you need giving you the guarantee of quality, durability and design. We can provide you with the requested quantities of especially-made boxes in varieties of board weights and colors.

Alagobox can also serve you and address your needs for presentation boxes solutions for clothing and many more. If you want superior quality shirt packaging or t-shirt packaging, Alagobox is one of the companies that you can trust. We specialize in making custom t shirt boxes and many other printed boxes for all your apparel products.unique shirt packaging

Here at Alagobox, customers can find various presentation boxes for their apparel including shirt boxes, shirt packaging, Tee shirt packaging boxes, sportswear packaging boxes, other clothing boxes and many more.

Over 17 normal shirt packaging or shirt boxes templates, you can select the best one to meet your requirement of the shirt box. If you want your unique design shirt gift box, Alago has periodical newsletter with newly designed box for shirt or t-shirt.  If you submit it, you will get updated one periodically. Click here for selection by style or material.

I have collected some fashion cool design for the shirt box or t shirt boxes, no matter it is as shirt gift box or shirt retail packaging, you can refer to it, and contact us for further cooperation. If you choose us and allow us to handle your packaging needs, we guarantee to provide you with the following:

  • Top quality offset printing
  • Free structural designs
  • No plate and die charge
  • 2 to 4 days sampling lead period
  • Worldwide shipment

1.   Tube shirt box or round box for t-shirt

round t-shirt box for displayTube t-shirt boxes or shirt boxes are pretty popular recent years, not only due to its stylish shape, but only due to its ease for display, as left picture. Sometimes, it is craft paper but sometimes, it can be colorful printing with your custom logo and artwork. 
round box for shirt
 tube box for shirtecotube shirt box

2.  Top & bottom box for shirt or tee shirt, clear window is an option

hat box for t-shirtshirt boxtop and bottom box for shirtbrand shirt packaging






Top & bottom box is most traditional design for shirt box or t-shirt boxes. It can be box with clear window in some partial area, so that end consumer can see through and be attracted by articles on T-shirt. But such traditional template can also be designed as fashion one with irregular shape of the top cover or the window shape. You can work with Alagobox team to get more supports.


3.  Book style box for shirt or t shirt, with window is an option.

shirt packaging with window shirt packaging with ribbon shirt packaging with divider shirt packaging setWith ribbon and flower pattern design, or with clear window design will show your shirt or t-shirt brand as superior quality. You can find more book style box options by click here.
4.  Triangle shirt box or box t shirt

Triangle box or packaging is one of the most popular and fashion designs for shirt box or t-shirt packaging. The most representative design is the one with 7-day color boxes. Triangle box is easy for stock and easy to fold.

weekly triangle t shirt packaging triangle t shirt packaging triangle shirt packaging








5.  Craft box for shirt or tee shirt

kraft paper shirt packagingkraft paper or craft paper box covers many industries, including shirt packaging application. It is eco-friendly and design can be very clean & craft box for shirtsimple. Customer will not be attracted or impacted by other meaningless artwork on packaging box surface, since kraft paper box or kraft box printing needs to be as simple as possible, typically only one color or two colors. It shows more about the natual texture of the paper, as well as its paper quality. The kraft box for shirt can be many structures. You can also find more templates by click HERE.

6.  Cardboard shirt box or t shirt boxes

corrugated paper shirt packaging gable box for shirt t shirt packaging sleeve






With unlimited options for customization and team of creative and talented structural designers and engineers, Alagobox excellently work with client to create their packaging boxes for dresses, shirts, suits, belts and other apparels. The boxes we make will perfectly reflect your brand and also the quality product inside. We give your brand and your product the packaging that it deserves and we make sure that our boxes are beautiful enough to capture attention and attract customers at the same time.

If you are looking for some similar rigid box designs, you can contact us. We are specilized in custom paper boxes, so all boxes can be designed as per your requirement and with your unique logo & pattern.

Contact Us for more FREE structural design!

For more custom rigid boxes pictures, Click below to find more! Or send email to for further supports!

See insert material options, Click here!

See box style options, Click here!

See surface finishing options, Click here!

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