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Custom Shoe Boxes

triangle shoe boxes If You’ve Branded Your Shoes, You Should do the Same with its Packaging

Shoes boxes are not just pieces of cardboard that are attached together to create a nice packaging for the product. But, these boxes are important aspects of your branding as well. All items related to your business, but most importantly, the boxes where your shoes products are placed, are essential to reflect the same branding as well.

If your shoes boxes are reflect the same level of branding that yours shoes have, the more you will be able to capture customers’ interest. Think that your shoe boxes are not reflecting the exact message that you communicate with your target audience? Alagobox is here to rescue and help you in that aspect!

Alagobox as Your Solution to Your Shoe Packaging Needs

The company’s service is focused on manufacturing paper presentation boxes. Presently, Alagobox already achieved over fifteen years of experience in producing paper boxes. As a company with this number of attained years of experience, they are known for not just producing quality packaging solution, but also as a one-stop solution for companies in need of their service. Their service process covers design, sampling, engineering, production, global sourcing and shipment.

As for your branding needs, their packaging solutions will certainly be of benefit for you since they are offering custom shoe boxes service. In case that you already have an idea of how you want your shoe boxes to look like, all you need to do is to inform the team about it.

Typically, shoe boxes will have several kinds of most popular structure templates:

1.   Shoe boxes with lift lid.

shoe box with lift lid

box with lift lid for shoe






2.   Shoe boxes with slide drawer, with handle or puller

slide open box for shoe storage shoe box slide drawer drawer box for shoeslide drawer shoe boxes

3.   Shoe storage boxes with window, which can be foldable for easier storage

shoe box with window shoe storage box

4.    Joint paper box for shoe

shoe box as joint paper box

What Will Happen When You Choose Alagobox to Manufacture Your Products’ Shoe Boxes?

First, you will obtain access to their endless list of customization options you can choose from to find the best choice suitable to what you have in mind. Together with that, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your project is being taken care of by a team of experienced and talented expert engineers as well as structural designers. You will be satisfied that you found a team of professionals who will work with you until your requirements are met.

Secondly, these professionals are here to help create a shoe box packaging that not only looks good, but also reflects its content and your brand perfectly. Alagobox service to you does not end upon the completion of the production process. It extends and goes beyond the transportation and shipment of your purchased packaging. To ensure that your custom shoe boxes will arrive at your place undamaged, the team makes sure to use inner trays, dividers and other protective items when sending it for shipment.

Third, choosing the company for your paper boxes production lets you take advantage brand shoe boxof one of their excellent offers.This offer is structural design which they provide for free. To avail this offer, you only have to take three steps, which you can learn more about and perform here.

Only require about 100 cardboard shoe boxes? Alagobox allows you to order a minimum of up 100 boxes if that is what you need. Even with just this small quantity, rest assured that you will be able to enjoy the same level of quality control that is given to larger orders. Interested to purchase custom shoe boxes at Alagobox? You have more than 17 paper box templates to choose from! Just explore the site to find endless possibilities for your brand-reflecting shoe boxes!

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If you are looking for some similar rigid box designs, you can contact us. We are specilized in custom paper boxes, so all boxes can be designed as per your requirement and with your unique logo & pattern.

Contact Us for more FREE structural design!

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