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Luxury box round for handmade soap

Black and white box round with clear window, golden logo, sturdy lid, textured paper and black background

Round box size can be customized according to your requirements

And this one is with below demensions:


Height: 10.5CM

Lid height: 2.5CM

box round

Box round is made of thick chip board and laminated with printed paper, so it is very sturdy and strong to protect the products inside the round boxes. High quality paper board is about 2mm thick, thicker than normal round boxes material, so it is pretty strong. When you hold it, you can feel it without deformation.

round gift boxes

The background of this round paper box is matte black color on bottom body, and logo is golden foiled on whole body, but with embossed finishing on all golden pattern area. Therefore, when you touch it, you can feel all the patterns.

black and white box round

The round box lid is made of special textured white paper, and such texture is similar to fabric material texture. This kind of design matches bottom cover embossed pattern pretty well. Both of those two designs represent high quality for both packaging box and products inside. 

paper round box

round box packaging

This box round is with lid, which has clear plastic window laminated into the paper board. By this kind of box structure design, your soaps can be displayed without moving the lid. If you have many colors or shapes soaps, when end customers making selection, they can easily see through via the window then make desion, without moving off the box lid. 

round boxes with lid

The box round is with flat surface on both top lid and bottom body, no rolling edges. Such kind of design will cost a little more, but will show pretty good complete looking, especially on top lid surface. 

round box with lid

Alaogobox has various premium art paper rigid box templates for your selection, and over 4000+ raw material to choose. If you are using paper card box in the past, you can consider rigid box with art paper to enhance your branding.

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