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Trial pack soap packaging

Mini size soap packaging for handmade soap

It is a kind of thin card paper box, instead of rigid chip board box.

The size for this soap packaging is only 3.5cm*3.5cm*3.5cm, if you disregard the flyers’ height

The whole design is pretty simple enough to hold a trial pack soap inside it. Less room for stock, easy to fold, convenient for handlingn in you bag.

handmade soap packaging

When it is closed, it looks like a butterfly on top. Beauful with silence.

simple soap packaging

On the soap box surface, it is edited with fruits and leaves artwork, and plain clean white background, presenting every material inside the soap is from nature, including the process as well.

small size soap packaging

mini soap box

We made matte finishing on the soap box surface, printed onto four sides of the packaging. In this way, to make the whole packaging introverted, easy going and close to people.

handmade soap packaging with leaf artwork

Magic soap packaging is made of thin card paper, so when it is shipped, the whole packaging will be flat with die cut line. Therefore, when you stock it, no need to occupy much room.

soap packaging box magic soap packaging

When it is un-folded, the soap packaging is like a small boat

soap packaging foldable mini soap packaging foldable soap packaging

It is first folded from two sides, and then folded from another two sides. 

small soap packagingmini soap packagingmini soap box

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