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Simple cake packaging

Cake packaging needs to be foldable and easy for storage, and this is one of the styles you will pursue

This cake packaging box represents a simple design idea, so you will only see a top cover and a bottom cover.

Cake packaging box size is 24*12*5cm

Top cover height is 3.5cm

The whole box is made of 1 piece top cover, 1 piece bottom cover and another piece of divider

russian cake box

The color designed for this cake box is also very simple, white+brown+golden

All letters are made of dark brown color ,which is the same color as the bottom cover body.

This is pretty common in box color design, espeically in top & bottom cover box styles.

brown and golden cake box

Due to the height difference between top and bottom cover, the bottom cover body color– dark brown is showed clearly and corresponds to the top cover. 

The inside divider is also printed with same dark brown color.

cake boxes

The top surface is golden color printed with simple geometric patterns. Matte golden color represents understated luxury, which will also represent your cake quality. 

brown cake box

The cake packaging box is made of thin card paper instead of thick chip board, so it is softer than chip board box(we called it rigid box). However, since it is foldable, it will not waste your room for transportation and stock. It will save your freight and storage cost.

cake packaging

The cake packaging bottom cover has a wall thickness as 0.8mm width, which will hold your cake better.

It is pretty common for top&bottom cover box, especially for card paper box.

cake box divider

The divider has matte dark brown finishing, and die cut folding line which will enable you to fold it more easily. According to cake various dimensions, the divider is designed with irregular width and height. 

cake box

cake packaging box

If you are looking for some similar chocolate box, toffee box, truffle box, cake box designs, you can contact us. We are specilized in custom paper boxes, so all boxes can be designed as per your requirement and with your unique logo & pattern.

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