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Round floral arrangement packaging boxes

It is clean white color designed floral arrangement packaging box, so the whole design is very simple.

White round box is with light grey printed logo on the floral box body, center of top lid and side of top lid. Therefore, from many directions, the end cusumers will see your designed branding. Of course, white color is not the only available color, and it can be changed to any colors you need to match your branding as per your demand. white floral boxes


This kind of floral arrangement packaging has various sizes, including




If you need other dimensions, it can be customized as per your requirements. Just let us know

round floral arrangement packaging

The whole surface of this floral packaging box is with matte finishing on both body and lid. Therefore, the most attractive things in the whole package is the flowers and your unique highlighted visible logos. The white surface is also easy to match many kinds of floral arragements. 

round floral boxes white round floral packaging boxes

With various height and diameter, you can put your flowers in or beyond the whole box. Just like the pictures, also, the white plain design can show your beautiful flowers pretty well. 

floral boxes

The lid can be put under the box body, so when you display your beautiful floral arrangements, the lid and the box body can be showed as a package.floral arrangement packaging box

white floral boxes

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the beauty box with adjustable foam









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