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12 pcs assorted chocolate boxes design–alagobox

12 pcs assorted chocolate boxes for Sheraton hotel

For this 12 pcs assorted chocolate boxes,the most attractive design is the paper and the bow. Overall box size is 15*11*4cm with box structure as top and bottom box with partial cover.

12 pc assorted chocolate boxes

This kind of paper is called as “diamond shape paper”, with multiple colors available in our resource pool. Not only the custom shape, but also the color of the paper is one of the factors to attract eyes. From different angles, you will find some different reflections. That is the one of the reasons that we call it as “pearl paper”, reflecting as a pearl, with colorful effects from some angles.

There are five various colors available, as showed in below picture.

diamond shape pattern paper collection

When you touch this paper, you can feel the embossed dots and 3D effects on the surface, which will show pretty high quality level of packaging.

On such 3D effects paper, due to uneven paper surface, the logo or text needs to be hot stamped onto the surface instead of printing. Therefore, you will see copper color metallic logo on the 12 pcs chocolate box surface, highlighting the brand of the hotel.chocolate box for 12 pieces

This 12-piece chocolate box is made of two pieces, top cover and bottom cover. In Alagobox system, it is called top and bottom cover with partial cover. It is sometimes called rigid paper box with lid. On surface of the top cover, the ribbon brown bow is glued onto the surface as stylish decoration. 

12 chocolates box

Inside the box, you will see translucent white butter paper on both sides, covering the 12 pcs chocolates pretty well.

top and bottom box for 12 chocolates

The inner dividers are made of “pearl paper” too, same as the box surface. They are made of 2 pieces dividers, inserted with each other. 12 pieces assorted chocolates can be put into 12 grids.

12 pc chocolate boxes with divider

alago_Hotel chocolate box

From the side walls, you can see the pattern lines can be mixed or connected with each other which will enhance the design.

chocolate box with pearl paper

12 chocolates box

This design can also work for 11.5*8*4cm for 6 pcs assorted chocolate boxes, and other different assorted chocolate packaging boxes, for example 6 pcs, 9 pcs, 10 pcs, 16 pcs, 18 pcs, 20 pcs, 24 pcs, etc. Just with adjustments on box size and divider size.
6 pc assorted chocolate boxes

For more chocolate boxes styles, you can visit click here to find more box templates. Or you can go to here to find out 2015 custom chocolate or toffee gift box templates.

If you are interested in this custom 12 pcs assorted chocolate boxes, contact us to get free structural design and quote RIGHT AWAY! Email to

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