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2015 Christmas food gift boxes for chocolate, toffee, candy, cookie, etc.

2015 Christmas food gift boxes

Seasons Greetings Pyramid shape food boxes

Customized design for chocolate, toffee, candy, cookie, etc.

2015 Christmas is coming ! The joy of jubilant days will be filled with all kinds of gifts throughout the festival , and when people are preparing those exquisite gifts , gift boxes will be a critical detail that people can not ignore.

A custom Christmas gift boxes will adequately express and pass people’s love, care and season greetings in a more special way , furthermore, he or she will feel his/her particularity and importance with personalized boxes.

Among various Christmas gifts, food is one of the typical gifts, including chocolate, toffee, candy, cookie, chocolate chips, cookie dough, cookie bars, snickers bars, …, I am almost drooling now when writing. Imagine the whole family seat together around the table, open Christmas food gift boxes, then share the yummy foods together. How happy it is! If you are the retailers or sellers of your delicious Christmas food, want to share more to your end customers, let more people to know your brands, customized Christmas food gift boxes design will definitely help your increase your sales from some degrees.

Here we have some newly designed Christmas food gift boxes, and they can work as Christmas chocolate boxes, Christmas cookie boxes, or Christmas toffee boxes, etc. With such design, you can have your chocolate, cookie or toffee sealed into silver or golden foil bag, then put the whole bag into our customized Christmas food gift boxes. In this way, the food will not be damp, and will be showed in an eye-catching way too.

christmas food box
This Pyramid shape Christmas food gift boxes are made of thin corrugated paper board, with metallic printing and hot-stamping on surface. Overall size is 15*15*21 cm. 

christmas chocolate box
The contrasting colors on surface will be very attractive in a show. From different directions, the surface will highlight different colors and patterns. It is a very unique experiences. 

chocolate boxes for Christmas
From bottom of the box, the food bag can be put into this Christmas food gift boxes easily and conveniently. And people can see the foil bag color through the die cut holes at 4 edges. 

Season greeting gift boxes
On surface of this 2015 pyramid shape Christmas food gift box, you will see several die cut paper boards with special shapes and patterns. We glue those small die cut printed boards onto the surface, so the whole food gift boxes will show 3D effects. You can add your customized pattern according to your brand story. 
 Christmas gift box
For Christmas season greeting, snowflake, bells, boots, leaves, Christmas tress, candies, gift boxes, reindeer, etc. 

Christmas gift box pattern
In this 2015 Christmas food gift box, you can have a silver or golden foil bag to protect your yummy food. 

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