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Toffee boxes with customized logo

Custom toffee boxes with unique logo and bow

Toffee boxes needs to present your delicious tasty toffee inside, so quality is critical to show your attitude to your product. Below box can be designed with your unique logo, unique color, unique paper material or textures, so you will get your final customized box for toffee or candy.

Size: 10*16.5*8cm

If you need some different finishing on surface, you can click here to get more finishing options

Below is a newly designed custom toffee boxes which is bookstyle box style, with extremely black art paper.

black toffee boxes

For this designed toffee box, inside is also black to the bottom.

all in black toffee box

The toffee box is with triangle-shape flag, with single big magnet covered by the black art paper.

toffee box flag with magnet

The bow for the toffee boxes is stretchable, so you can see stretchable fabric material on the backside of the bow ring

black box with pink bow

It makes the bow easily work for the user who will open or close the toffee box. Besides the magnet, this structure will also help to hold the box closed tightly.

pink bow toffee box

High quality black art paper and manual working, enhance your yummy toffee quality

quality of toffee box

Inside the toffee boxes, you can develop below kinds of foil bags(kraft paper foil bag, aluminum foil bag, foil bag with window, etc. ) Put your toffee inside, and keep them from water or heat perfectly. Then our custom toffee box will protect it from outside, and also enhance your branding.


ziplock kraft paper aluminum foil bag collection

If you need to add your own logo onto this toffee box or packaging, you can CONTACT US for further supports.

If you need to review other rigid box templates, you can CONTACT US for free structural design or CLICK HERE for typical box templates.

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