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6 stylish paper sliding boxes

Sliding boxes are paper boxes which have sliding structure, and it is sometimes single drawer sliding boxescalled drawer boxes.

Since it is slide open structure, it is combined with one outer sleeve and inner drawer. The sleeve can be two sides open, or one side open. When it is one side open, the drawer will be only slide open from the open side, but when it is two sides open, it can be one drawer inside, or 2 drawers inside, which can be slide open from opposite sides. Therefore, slide open boxes can be with one drawer or two drawers.

sliding box for honey honey sliding gift box 2 drawers slide open boxesThe main material of sliding boxes are paper cardboard, typically 1000g or 1200g card boards will be used, which will ensure the strength and stability of the paper boxes. Then pattern can be printed onto those card paper surface, or hot stamped logo will be applied.

Since it is paper sliding boxes, typically, it will be with something to support the user to open. Fabric puller, rope, hole are typically applied as the puller. They are assembled onto the drawer of the cardboard slide boxes, to support people to open the drawer more easily.

The paper sliding gift box can be designed with hanger tab onto the sleeve, which will sliding boxes pullersupport your retail or wholesale. Such hanger tab can plastic material, or PET sheet, even hole cut through the cardboard. If all your boxes are with such hanger tabs, your products can be displayed in order when retailing.

sliding boxes with hanger tabPaper sliding boxes or drawer boxes are widely applied in many industries, including shoe boxes, belt boxes, consumer electronic products packaging, chocolate boxes, cosmetic product packaging etc.

Paper cardboard slide boxes can be combined with book style box or top&bottom box to be double drawers or other style, so as to create a unique and stylish sliding gift box. Such structure will support you to include more products inside, even a gift set.

Sliding boxes with paper cardboard for automotive productsliding gift box for auto parts paper drawer box with windowSlide open boxes for belt, combined with top and bottom box stylebelt sliding box drawer box for belt

Other cardboard slide boxes for power bank, cosmetic products, e-cig, etc.sliding boxes single drawer sliding boxes cosmetic product slide open boxes cardboard slide boxes with puller

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