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3 Tips to design smart fitness bracelet packaging

Smart fitness bracelet is also called intelligent fitness bracelet or smart wrist. It has become to be more and more popular and furthermore expanded to many countries in the world. But how to design the smart fitness bracelet packaging boxes? How to protect your smart wrist perfectly during shipping to your end customer? Here, we provide some tips for smart fitness bracelet packaging design:

1.    Inner tray for smart wrist packaging box: Sturdy inner tray to hold the soft band perfectly.

a)    Typically, smart fitness bracelet has silicone or rubber soft band, so that end consumers feel comfortable when wearing onto their wrists. Those material is pretty soft and can not stand very well itself. Therefore, the packaging of smart bracelet will require some sturdy design to hold and support the soft band well from below, in this way, the intelligent bracelet will not be easy to remove during shipment.

paper inner tray for smart wrist smart wrist paper trayb)    Soft inner tray to protect the electronic glass screen perfectly. There is another factor to consider when designing the smart bracelet packaging box. The surface of the intelligent bracelet is breakable glass screen, so the packaging box design is supposed to protect it perfectly from various angles. You can choose foam, EVA or other soft material to protect the device screen. You can also go to alagobox company to find more inner tray options for selection. EVA or foam will be our recommend options.

fitness bracelet inner tray smart fitness bracelet box

2.     Smart wrist packaging box material:

With the popularity of Apple wristwatch in the world, many smart fitness bracelet packaging began to choose rigid paper boxes as fashion and custom creation. The advantages of those rigid paper boxes are

–   It is strong enough with paper card board material which is about to be 2-5mm thickness;

–   It is eco-friendly. Most of the paper boards will be recycled;

–   It can be easily designed to be with various patterns, logos to create some unique box for your brand;

–   No big tooling cost for each version. Unlike some other packaging(Aluminum or plastic or iron boxes), rigid paper boxes do not need to create tools to form the shape, so it means less development cost and development lead time;

rigid box vs card box


3.     Rigid paper box structure:

Smart fitness bracelet packaging box can refer to the various watch boxes or bracelet boxes. It can be flat and rectangle as apple watch packaging box design, or it also can be something as below to hold a locked bracelet. But to be fashion and high quality enough, both options needs to be with 90 degree straight angle at the corner, otherwise, paper boxes with big draft at corner will be regarded as low end packaging and product.

top and bottom box for smart wristbluetooth bracelet boxsmart wrist packaging box

Various rigid paper box structures will support you to create many unique packaging for your brand, more templates, you can to go to alaogobox team to find or get free structural design from alagobox team.

watch rigid box

smart wrist packaging box reference

Alagobox will also periodically update our paper gift boxes templates , you can find many custom paper box templates. Contact Alagobox team to get a free rigid box structural design for your brand.

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