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Luxury apparel boxes

Thinking about apparel box, what will be in your mind? I think most are simple design as it, and plus one attractive paper bags sometimes . For most times, it is enough to for your end customer, but for some cases, it is not enough.

apparel simple designpaper bag for apparelWhen your consumer would like to buy it as a gift, I think they do not want to make any repackaging, while such package will not meet their requirement.

In such cases, luxury apparel boxes made by paper is necessary. No matter it is silk dress, belt, tie, wedding dress, suits, or other apparel, Alagobox support you to create unique luxury apparel boxes with Free structural design service and minimum order quanity as 100 pieces. We use strong paperboard as material, plus luxury top paper covering paperboard. It can protect your apparel very carefully, avoiding any scratch, dust and dirty. Besides, by using such rigid box to pack your apparel, you deliver high quality and your attitude for life.


Apparel box for Taiwan famous apparel brand, they only used paper bag to pack all kinds of apparel in the past. But, along with branding explore, luxury apparel boxes are selected for marketing. It is book style box structure with divider and ribbon for gift presentation. Bright color, flower pattern, silk ribbon,  highlight the beauty and elegance. For more structure options for luxury apparel boxes, you can go to Alagobox website to source by style.

luxury apparel box for belt belt luxury apparel box luxury apparel box with rivetLuxury apparel box for belt with joint paper box structure. It is for a fashion brand. Box top cover and bottom cover are jointed by rivets which are also used commonly in clothes design. Printing is pretty simple with logo, no extra designs to distract consumers’ attention. Such luxury apparel box design can not only display the belt well by window patching, but also protect the leather perfectly.

For more design options for luxury apparel boxes, you can go to Alagobox website to review or send email to for further supports.

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If you are looking for some similar rigid box designs, you can contact us. We are specilized in custom paper boxes, so all boxes can be designed as per your requirement and with your unique logo & pattern.

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