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Stylish Chocolate Package

Are your chocolate package delivering tasty, sweet and yummy, or something else?

Are your chocolate package easy to open and reliable to protect?

Are your chocolate package sharing your attitude about such a food full of love?

chocolate box with laser cut patternEach customized eye-catching stylish chocolate package design delivers delicious taste, which is going to keep food protected, offer ease of construction for employees, and most importantly, incorporate brand imagery to increase consumer awareness. If your package is very innovative, colorful and appealing, more and more audience will have a trial based on their sense you are delivering. To share your love with others by sharing chocolates, it is always sweet, tasty and yummy which you can feel the love delivered. Most people buy chocolates as gift items to show their love, so if packaging is awesome and attractive then they don’t have to bother about its repacking.

To package them as a gift, an eye-catching stylish chocolate package is necessary. Recently, some new processes or material start to be applied onto chocolate package. Here you will find some collections of awesomely designed chocolate package designs with updated process or material. And for more, you can go to for Free structural design on stylish chocolate package.

1.  Laser cut sleeve or paper board to create 3D effect

conew_conew_conew_dscn8826 conew_conew_conew_dscn8828Laser cut is commonly used for metal/wood/plastic material since it is pretty high temperature. But by special laser cut machine and set up parameter, laser cutting process can also be applied onto paper card or paper board.
The cutting quality is normally significantly better than the effect by die cutting or a rotary fabric cutter. Moreover, a specific control technology allows the cutting with an on-the-fly technique.
Some paper card package is pretty unattractive, but if you add a sleeve, especially the laser cut sleeve, the effect will be completely changed.
Typically, such designs will have very bright color or contrast solid color on the inner box surface, then dark or other contrast color on sleeve, so the inner box surface color will be showed as background from the laser cut pattern. Some pattern area will be cut out completely, and some pattern area will be cut chocolate box with laser cut pattern 1partially as the one with laser cut paper windowbutterfly. It depends on your design.
You also can have paper board instead of paper card to be laser cut, but the thickness of board will be limited. The thicker board is, the longer time for laser cut. And longer time cutting means more possibilities for paper board to be burned under high temperature after longer-time cutting.
Again, some kind of contrast color will be recommended when design.

2.   Colorful corrugated paper board

Wcorrugated box for chocolatehat will happen when you use corrugated paper into chocolate package? See below. Simple, good protection, easy to handle, eco-friendly…

Furthermore, colorful corrugated paper can also be applied to stylish conew_dscn9231conew_conew_dscn9200chocolate package. Multiple colors corrugated paper with special mark or textures or silver powder are available for your unique chocolate package.

It can be designed as envelope shape style, or other style. For more applications for colorful corrugated paper board, you can go to We provide Free structural design for your brand.

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For more pictures, please click below:

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