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Creative Lipstick Packaging

lipstick 15 Starting out a business can be quite very tough, especially if you are treading the waters of cosmetics and vanity products. As you may have observed by now, more and more investors and producers are gearing to produce self-care products such as bath and beauty items and, of course, makeup. If you are on targeting hundreds or even thousands of products as a quota, you would find it hard to keep the packaging creative, especially for items like lipsticks.

lipstick slide open boxYou can also find more and more lipstick top brand owner put more explores into creative lipstick packaging box, so as to provide more convenient and stylish unique service plus product to end customer.

For this reason, a company that is dedicated to provide you with the daintiest sets of lipstick boxes is here to serve you. We at Alagobox will help you increase your lipstick sales with our service.

lipstick packaging collectionRegardless if your lip product has the most vibrant color or the shiniest sheen among the lipsticks in the cosmetics market, you would not still be able to sell them if they are contained in poor packaging. Indeed, a creative lipstick box can exude the effect of luxury, functionality and beauty with every product that you put into it. This is why hiring a company, such as Alagobox, to supply you with the best lipstick packaging is important in maintaining the stability of your business and your ability to pass on your principles and passion for beauty.

Certainly, you have a lot of options in beautifying your products and making them presentable to your creative lipstick boxconsumers.However, if you are planning to produce bulk numbers of lipsticks, creating a lipstick box would come out as a problem. You would have to painstakingly create small boxes individually. This significantly affects your overall productivity because you divert so much time in producing the boxes, and not your main product, your lipsticks. However, you do not have to worry because we at Alagobox provide you with the lipstick box template design with no charge, or you can go to Alagobox template pool to select which style you prefer for your lipstick brand, then put your custom logo and artwork onto the template.

lipstick boxesOur company can offer you a wide variety of lipstick boxes that you can choose from. From top & bottom box style to slide open box style, from joint paper box style to tube paper box style, from kraft paper to colorful corrugated paper box, our templates pool cover most popular designs in this industry. You can also refer to design template for other industries, then design your own box. You just have to show your prototype to our designers, and we will take care of the rest. If still, you cannot come up with the perfect idea of packaging for your lipsticks and yet, you do not think that our collection has it, you can work with our creative design staff in order to help you get enlightened with the best packaging ideas. If still, you do not know how to order or work, contact us without hesitation to work out.

You can be assured that we will provide you with the best lipstick packaging and services that we can offer. In fact, we have over 15+ year experience on rigid presentation paper boxes, so quality is ensured.

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If you are looking for some similar rigid box designs, you can contact us. We are specilized in custom paper boxes, so all boxes can be designed as per your requirement and with your unique logo & pattern.

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