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Box of chocolates with burgundy & golden color

box of chocolate always means delicious and beautiful, like this chocolate box with bright burgundy and golden colour.

Rigid chocolate box style: book style box for chocolate with magnets

Rigid chocolate box size: vaious sizes for your selection. It includes chocolates boxes for 6-pc ,8-pc,9-pc,12-pc,16-pc, 18-pc , 20-pc , 24-pc, 36-pc etc. It can also be customized as per your requirement.

Rigid chocolate box surface: printing and raised metallic logo

This box of chocolates and wine bottle is a gift set box, which includes one bottle of wine and 18 pieces chocolates.

box of chocolates bookstyle

The dividers are made of black card paper and pearl sponge with flocking, so as to protect the wine bottle in a proper way.

Dividers are for 3*6=18 pieces chocolates, with depth as 2cm(0.8inch) and length*width as 3.5*3.5cm(1.38inches)

box of chocolate dividers

The solid burgundy spot colour is with matte finishing, so as to present high quality of the chocolates inside the box.

The special golden textured paper is made to be the contrasting color of the burgundy colour.

chocolate and wine boxes

Surface of this chocolate boxe is made of two portions, one is the flower patterns at two corners and another is the unique logo.

Both are hotstamped with metallic golden colour, and the unique logo is embossed as raised one. Therefore, when you touch it by hand, you can feel it as 3D effects.

box of chocolate metallic logo

This kind of design is widely used for chocolate gift boxes, for example, chocolate and wine, chocolates and flowers, chocolate and other lovely gifts, etc. It also can be used for subscription boxes. 

box of chocolate chocolate boxes bookstyle

If you are looking for some similar chocolate truffle box designs or similar designs, you can contact us. We are specilized in custom paper boxes, so all boxes can be designed as per your requirement and with your unique logo & pattern.

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