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black and gold box for car Nano paint coating

Premium black and gold box for car Nano paint coating

This black and gold box size is 23*16.5*5cm

As book style box structure (see more other box structure options, Click here), it is with magnet to close the lid tightly

black and gold bookstyle box

Matte golden metallic color has pretty good contrast with matte black color, which also highlights the golden brand hotstamped on the top surface

automatic products packaging as bookstyle car nano paint coating packaging boxBlack and gold box always represents high quality, especially the matte surface on both colors. There is no other extra texts or patterns on the surface, only the unique logo of the brands

black rigid box with golden metallic logoAs normal book style box structure, there are magnets in the flag, so the user can open it and close it easily

custom box for car nano paint coating custom rigid box for car nano paint coating black and gold box with black foam The edges are shaped into straight angle, so you can feel the high quality handling work and design. The outer cover is almost 2mm bigger than interior box

rigid set up box for car paint coating bottleThis black and gold box has black EVA material inside, as the inner tray, so the car nano paint coating bottles can be fit and protected perfectly, as well as other thanks card, manual etc. 

customized EVA for productThe EVA overall thickness is about 2CM, and is die cut into various shapes to fit your products. This shape can be customized according to your product shapes. But cost will also vary due to thickness and size.Typically, the EVA surface will be flocked with different colors. Black flocked EVA is pretty popular in the market. 

black EVA for car nano paint coating bottle

If you are looking for some similar chocolate truffle box designs or similar designs, you can contact us. We are specilized in custom paper boxes, so all boxes can be designed as per your requirement and with your unique logo & pattern.

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