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Round fine fragrance packaging box

Round fine fragrance packaging box size: DIM 10cm, Height 13.5CM

It is a round box structure with attractive colorful artwork printed onto the surface.

Artwork on the surface has high requirement, since the artwork on top cover needs to be connected with the artwork on bottom cover easily. As a complete picture.

  fine fragrance packaging boxRound box for fine fragrance 

Surface is matte surface, so it showes high end product inside

round fine fragrance box

This fine fragrance packaging box is made of flat top and bottom cover, instead of rolled edge

This kind of structure will have better looking than rolled edge structure, since the artwork on the surface will be showed more easily as an intergrated picture. But such structure will involve more labour cost and more gluing process. Therefore, such structure will have some risk for heavy products inside since it will all relied on gluing process to hold the bottom paper board. 

fine fragrance round boxes

There is an inside wall in the bottom box, so when you close the lid onto the bottom cover, the walls are in the same surface

flat round fine fragrance packaging boxes

Paper thickness vary from 1-1.7mm, and it will impact your custom box cost too. The thicker the paper board it is, the more sturdy the round box it will be.

round box for fine fragrance

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