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The beauty box make up box with magic foam

Magic foam designed beauty box make up box , so you will not worry about your makeup shape or size

This beauty box or makeup box works for many kinds of cosmetic products, beauty products, makeup set, beauty subscription, beauty set etc. You will find such structure is fantanstic for you, since the inner tray can be any shape.

Size is 25*22*7cm (10*8.5*0.27inches)

Box structure is book style structural design or shakable box structure(see more,click here), which you can open it easily.

paper beauty box for bottle

As other book style or shakable box structure, such structure will be with magnet to keep it close tightly. In this beauty box or makeup set box, we put three magnets into the flags.

beauty box with adjustable foam

Beauty box or makeup box needs fashion surface to attract consumers, so this beauty box shows glossy finishing on surface with two kinds of close colors.

beauty subscription box

The logo is hot stamped onto the surface as silver color. Such metallic logo can be silver, golden, black, red, etc color.

makeup boxbeauty subscription box with foam

The critical design for this beauty box is the adjustable foam inside. Typically, the inner tray will be multiple material options, including foam, EVA, paper card, paper tray, etc. For more option collections, click here to download the file.

Normally, when we design the box inner tray, we need customer provide either the REAL products or specific detail product sizes and shapes, so that we can create designs and tools to fit the products tightly and properly.

Also, we need to know the material of the product, so as to decide the inner tray material for perfect protection.

Different product shapes, sizes and materials, need to create different die cut tool. Therefore, if your products shape or size changees, you need to create a new die cut tool. Sometimes, you are not sure about the product final specific size, while box design needs to be fixed first, then it will be better for you to choose this kind of adjustable foam inner tray.

foam for makeup box beauty boxIt is a big piece of foam and die cut into many small pieces, so that you can pull out any piece of the small foam boxes, then to have the best shape and size to fit your products.

Also, you can add your products if you need to. If you are not sure about your final products size, you’d better create the inner tray as the adjustable foam.

glossy beauty box with book style design

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