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book look box for high end watch

book look box with traditional design and silver letters

This book look box is with size as 21*7*5cm or so. When you have a glance at it, will you realize it is a book look box instead of a real book?

It has almost the same size as a real book, and includes front cover, back cover, front pages, introduction, etc., looks really like a tranditional book with a little vintage design looking.

This is a book look box with material as thick paper board and laminated with PU leather paper. With this kind of material, this rigid box will be very strong and sturdy to protect your product.

book look boxWe have thousandes of PU leather material options in house for your selection, and below are only some options for your reference. All those materials can be applied onto this book look style box. For more material options, you can Contat Us Now or send email to

PU leather material options Those PU leather paper is a kind of paper with PU leather texture or pattern designs, and it has texures which you can touch and feel it. It is pretty awsome material for book look box, since it will have texture feeling, and it expresses tranditional or vintage design looking in a proper way.

Since such material has textures on surface, it is unable to be printed. Therefore, if you choose this kind of material, hotstamping will be your best choice. The hotstamped letters or patterns will be shinning and metallic looking. There are a lot of hotstamping colors, but golden color and silver color are most popular. For finishing options, you can download the file to have a look.

This book look box is with silver color hotstamped logo and letters. On the textured leather paper material, we hotstamped the borders, the logos, texts, etc., everything.

vintage book look box

book look box with metallic letter

Opening the book look box, you will see the story and introduction about the brand, as a real book dose. There are several pages, with printing onto vintage looking background paper. It is pretty innovative and eye-attractive.

traditional book look boxIf you continue open the book look box, you will see the actual box section, which is made of white EVA material according to products shape. For more inserts material, you can download this file to have a look.

book look box with pagesThe side wall is created by art textured paper, which is high quality appearance with comfortable touching feeling. Also, such color is contrast with front cover and bottom cover color.

book look box material with textureThis innovative book look box design can be applied for high end watch, traditional jewellery, surprising gift, automative products, etc. It is really helpful to enhance your branding and attract your customers.

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