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What you Need to Know about Sunglasses Box

When it comes to sourcing for eyewear packaging, companies need to foldable eyewear boxdecide what’s best for their products. Packaging is an important item to consider before releasing a product to the public. There are several factors that you need to consider when designing a sunglasses box.


A sunglass box is used to protect the product from damage during shipping. Everyone knows how fragile the lens of the sunglass can be. The box must be able to endure drops and other incidents that can happen. One must ensure that the sunglasses are safe while they are inside the box.

Attracts Consumers

Another thing that an eyewear company needs to consider is the visual aspect of the sunglasses case box. The packaging is something that consumers also see, along with the actual glasses. That’s why the box must make the sunglass stand out among the other products found in the store.

Provide Added Value

top and bottom box with side wall for glassesThe box for glasses can also add value to the product. The right box can make the product more attractive to display at home and not just to hold the sunglasses when not in use. Consumers often look for something eye-catching and provide more value than ordinary boxes.


It is important to find a sunglasses box case that is cost effective. Packaging of the product can be a large portion of its selling price. You need to make smart decisions when deciding the right box for your sunglasses. That way you reduce costs and can lead to better profits.

On the subject of costs, eyewear companies must realize that developing new round flat gift box for eye glassespackaging can be expensive. It involves design, production, consumer testing, and advertising to inform customers about the new packaging. That’s why companies tend to make long term decisions when it comes to eyewear packaging. When they order a new package, more often than not they have the intention to use it for a long period of time. Changing the packing too often can result to negative effects because customers are already familiar with the packaging, and they might be confused if the box is changed.

Branding Strategy

pink eyewear packagingBranding is another factor to consider when choosing the right sunglasses box. Be sure to consider how the box will incorporate the brand. The marketing team must decide the strategy to be used and elements that will be part of the design.

These are just some of the things that you need when looking for a sunglass box. Be sure to work with an expert when creating packing for your eyewear. That way you’ll come up with a professional, high quality, and attractive eyewear packaging that is cost efficient. One knows what you are looking for and can help you through the process of creating your box.

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Round box for sunglasses, glasses, eyewear, with ribbon or by craft paper

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Quality top and bottom box for sunglasses, glasses, eyewear, with various logo printed or embosses

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Bespoke shape box fo sunglasses, glasses, eyewear

round flat gift box for eye glasses
oakley sunglasses packaging custom sunglasses set box eyewear glasses custom shape box

Triangle box for sunglasses, glasses, eyewear with kraft paper or cardboard, or with laser cut sleeve

triangle boxes for eyewear triangle sunglasses craft box

Slide open box or drawer box for sunglasses, glasses or eyewear

drawer box for glasses 3 pieces eye glasses package with individual box

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