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Appealing Olive Oil Packaging Designs

Olive oil has been one of the preferred cooking oils by chefs as well as for home
carft paper box for olive oilcooking due to the distinct flavors it adds to food. When cooking with olive oil it is essential to ensure that the oil is as fresh as possible so as to get its flavor enriching qualities. This makes it packaging quite important, as it is the main means of preserving this flavor rich goodness. Since most people use olive oil over an extended period of time, it is important to protect the oil from elements that are known to affect its quality. Olive oil packaging should also be appealing enough and demonstrate the high standard of this cooking oil.

Sunlight, oxygen, and heat are the main elements found to affect the quality of olive oil. Exposure to these elements over an extended period, results in the loss of the spectacular flavors brought out in food by cooking with virgin olive oil. The best olive oil packaging is supposed to protect the oil from these elements and, therefore, keep it fresh at all times. There are various types of olive oil package design available today. When shopping, it is essential to have some knowledge on which offers the most value by preserving olive oil for extended periods without any loss in quality.

Glass Container Olive Oil Package

wood textured paper box for olive_conew1Most people who prefer glass olive oil packaging design usually state that it keeps it fresh while waiting to be used. Glass packaging is said to preserve the oil, keeping it fresher than any other type of packaging used today.

Glass olive packaging is also said to preserve the acidity of the oil. It is this acidity that is responsible for the great acidic flavors in the food cooked using olive oil. These two factors promote the use of glass olive oil packaging.

Packaging Olive Oil in a Box

Another olive oil packaging design growing in popularity today is in-a-box packaging. This type of packaging has been designed with bottle into box, sometimes, olive oil set is included with other olive oil related products, sometimes 2 bottle or multiple bottles are included into one box. Such box olive oil package display perfectly, easy for handling, also is appealing as olive oil gift box.

It can be gable box shape as below

2 bottle gable design for olive oil olive oil gable box design 2 bottle design for olive oil


It can be custom shape box as below

olive oil package olive oil special design olive oil packaging box collection box for olive oil

It can be top and bottom style box as below

top and bottom box for olive best top and bottom box for olive top and bottom box for olive

When you buy an olive oil gift box, you can empty some into a small glass bottle for immediate use while the remaining oil is preserved in the box. It is recommended that you only refill the glass bottle after completely rinsing it of the old oil to avoid oxidizing the new oil from the box.

kraft paper box for olive kraft paper box for olive kraft paper box for olive

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