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Elegant Personalized Watch Boxes for Men

Even in the current age of smartphones, there are still some classy men men watchwho still like their watches. A watch is an important accessory for any man, and it can complement both a professional and casual look. You can have an official watch to wear with your suit to complement your official look and a sporty watch for the weekend while you relax. Regardless of which watch you choose, finding the most appropriate personalized watch box for men is vital. The following content will help you chose amongst the top quality personalized watch boxes for men.

watch box with inner wooden boxBrand Name – Unique logo means customization. A good men watch box manufacturer is able to support you to design and produce your personalized watch boxes with your unique fresh logo. Such logo will be aligned with your overall packaging box design style, and will also be eye-catching. It will deliver your thoughts about your products inside, and even your preferred life attitude, eco-friendly, luxury, simple, retro, happy, clean, steady, warm,fresh…. From such men watch box, the consumer can touch your feeling and creative impulse to purchase.

Materials – Among the major factors that influence the usability and price of a personalized watch box for men is the type of materials used to construct it. For people looking for a convenient method of storing your watches, you should consider looking at watch boxes for men made using sturdy paper. Paper rigid watch boxes for men will help you to protect your watches well and also store it as well. If you need to display it when selling, it can be created with multiple layers and easy for sales show, for example, with window, or with stand. Paper material has various thickness and strength, and also with thousands of textures options for your selection, so a professional and experienced watch boxes factory can help you to select proper material to ensure safety of your product and find a balance between design and your cost budget.

Structure – Alagobox has various paper box templates for your selection. You can go to to have a review, then advise Alagobox team about your preferred paper box style, or your unique box design idea. Alagobox team can support you make free structural design. Alagobox will update our paper gift boxes templates periodically, you can find many custom paper box templates. Contact Alagobox team to get a free rigid box structural design for your brand. Below watch boxes are for your template reference,  including round boxes, joint paper boxeslift top boxes, book style box with various wings, etc.

Round box for watches, with hot stamped logo and textured paper as the keychain gift boxes

creative round box for watch

keychain box with textured paper


Book style watch boxes, with single wing or two wings, with clear window or without 
watch box with window and flocked pillowbook style watch box with 2 wings and magnetbookstyle watch box

Joint paper box for watch, with textured paper and hot stamped logojoint paper box for watchjoint paper box with metal connectionpersonalized watch box

Lift top box with window or with drop open design
watch paper box with inner wooden boxdrop front watch box

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