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Improving Your Sales with folding boxes 

Do you sometimes realize the freight of your empty paper boxes willred foldable boxes occupy a lot of your overall costs? Do you sometimes wonder how to store those empty boxes if you do not need them temporarily?

If yes, folding boxes will be one of the best options to solve above problems. Traditionally, paper gift boxes are typically made into  empty boxes, but if you do not put products into it, the size and room needed for those paper gift boxes will create some troubles for storage and shipment. folding boxes with windowFor example, if you sell wines, when you display the wines, you may have your other custom display stand, wine bottles will be displayed individually, however, after your end customer decided to purchase wines, you need to prepare the packaging box for them. How to store those boxes will be a big issue for sales.

Folding paper box structure will create less room since it can be folded into flat board as folding box board, which will be much easier for you to make paper folding box shipments and storage. When you need it, you can fold it into a custom shape to fit your products and protect it perfectly. The box folding is with sturdy board instead of card paper, and laminated with art paper onto the surface, therefore, you do not need to worry its stability, even it is foldable.

Paper box folding is a kind of creation for rigid paper box, over time, it becomes craft folding boxesmore and more popular in many industries, for example, shoe storage boxes as folding paper boxes style with clear window, wine storage boxes with folding boxes structure deliver simple life attitude.

The folding boxes structure is not limit on the full body foldable, it can be designed as foldable for bottom cover, top cover, or only partial of the whole box.

Below are some folding boxes examples, you can refer to them and contact Alagobox team to create your own custom folding box with your own logo and design, including application for wine box, egg box, gift box, cookie box, electronic consumer product packaging, etc.

Alagobox will also periodically update our paper gift boxes templates , you can find many custom paper box templates. Contact Alagobox team to get a free rigid box structural design for your brand.

Folding boxes with windows, including square shape window and heart shape window

egg folding box with heart shaped window conew_conew_dscn2119.jpg1.jpg1

Folding boxes with partial foldable

folding box gift boxes

Various shape folding box

images (3) folding boxesFolding boxes for wine gift box

folding box for winewine paper folding box

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