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Earring Jewelry Box

Jewelry companies often have a hard time sourcing for earring jewelry box. earring boxes with lidPackaging is a crucial item, but more often than not it is the last thing that companies consider. That’s why they use generic boxes that were not designed for their brand. The good news is that there’s packaging company that specializes in providing earring boxes. Alagobox is the go-to provider of high-quality boxes that support your brand.

A lot of jewelry shops make the mistake of neglecting packaging for their products. They should follow the example of Tiffany & Co. A lot of people recognize the box blue of the store more than the jewelry they sell.
double door earring gift boxesUsing the right earring gift box will tell consumers why the product and the brand are different from the rest. Great packaging can have an impact on the sales and your company’s overall appeal. When you have a custom-made box, your customers can immediately recognize it and help improve your company’s branding. The box must be eye catching that makes it stand out among competitors. It doesn’t need to be expensive. A well-designed box will be enough to be noticed among consumers.

When designing a necklace and earring gift box, you must know your target market. That way you’ll know what colors to use, as well as the overall design of the box. Color alone can help make your box unique. The shape and design must entice the consumer. This can be done through creative finishing and printing.

Good packaging doesn’t need to be expensive. Alagobox offers world class boxes at affordable prices, with multiple packaging box templates available for your earring jewelry box selection. Just make sure that the earring gift boxes look personalized and chic. Jewelries are high-end items. That’s why the packaging must also provide a high-end feel to it. Take below earring boxes as example, the boxes will be applied with a label which will show your end-customer Name initial letter, which means pretty unique to your end customer.

earring boxes with custom logoearring box with name letter logoThe necklace and earring set gift box must also be part of the experience. More often than not, customers buy earrings as a gift to someone they love. That’s why it is important to provide packaging that your customers will be proud to give to their loved ones. Having a good-looking gift box might help make the customer buy the product because there’s no need to buy a separate box for the earrings. One will be able to give the gift right after buying it from the store.

Functionality is also a factor to consider when looking for earring boxes. Keep in mind that aside from being aesthetically good, the box must be able to do the task it was designed to do. And that is to store the earrings when not in use.

Keep in mind that your product’s packaging conveys what your brand stands for. The earring and necklace gift box will provide a lasting impression among customers. That’s why it is important to find the right one that differentiates your jewelry items from the competitors.

Alagobox, as a professional rigid boxes supplier, is willing to work with you to create unique earring boxes. No matter it is for stud earrings or dangle earrings, our team provides Free Structural Design for your outstanding brand. Typical earring jewelry boxes are showed as below, cylindrical box, , boxes with lid, book style box or joint paper box, you can visit our website to find presentation box templates(CLICK HERE), which will support you to get Free Structural Design from us.

Top and bottom cover box for earring

earring box with paper base earring gift box with ribbon


Joint paper box or Book style box for dangle earring or stud earring

book style box for earring stud joint paper box for earring gift joint paper box for earring

Custom shape earring box with special wings

 earring holder jewelry box earring box with special wingsstud earring gift box with ribbonearring and necklace gift box

Sometimes, round box or cylindrical box for earring

branded round box for earring cylindrical box for ring or earring

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