cake packaging

Simple cake packaging

Cake packaging needs to be foldable and easy for storage, and this is one of ...
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handmade soap packaging

Trial pack soap packaging

Mini size soap packaging for handmade soap It is a kind of thin card paper box, ...
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round gift boxes

Luxury box round for handmade soap

Black and white box round with clear window, golden logo, sturdy lid, textured paper and ...
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white floral boxes

Round floral arrangement packaging boxes

It is clean white color designed floral arrangement packaging box, so the whole design is ...
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facial mask packaging box

Blue facial mask box as envelope shape

Envelope-shape facial mask box shows luxury packaging box style The facial mask packaging box is with ...
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round fine fragrance box

Round fine fragrance packaging box

Round fine fragrance packaging box size: DIM 10cm, Height 13.5CM It is a round box structure ...
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box of chocolates bookstyle

Box of chocolates with burgundy & golden color

box of chocolate always means delicious and beautiful, like this chocolate box with bright burgundy ...
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custom rigid box for car nano paint coating collection

black and gold box for car Nano paint coating

Premium black and gold box for car Nano paint coating This black and gold box size ...
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brown truffle box collection

Milk chocolate truffle box, truffle packaging box for retail

Milk chocolate truffle box, truffle packaging box for retail Brown color chocolate truffle box, top & ...
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the beauty box with adjustable foam

The beauty box make up box with magic foam

Magic foam designed beauty box make up box , so you will not worry about ...
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book look box collection

book look box for high end watch

book look box with traditional design and silver letters This book look box is with size ...
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high quality jewelry rigid box collection

Earring paper boxes with fashion designs

Earring paper boxes with eye-attractive fashion designs Top & bottom box style with partial cover See other ...
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toffee box

Toffee boxes with customized logo

Custom toffee boxes with unique logo and bow Toffee boxes needs to present your delicious tasty ...
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12 pcs assorted chocolate boxes

12 pcs assorted chocolate boxes design–alagobox

12 pcs assorted chocolate boxes for Sheraton hotel For this 12 pcs assorted chocolate boxes,the most ...
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Christmas food gift boxes

2015 Christmas food gift boxes for chocolate, toffee, candy, cookie, etc.

2015 Christmas food gift boxes Seasons Greetings Pyramid shape food boxes Customized design for chocolate, toffee, candy, cookie, etc. 2015 Christmas is ...
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jewelry set up boxes

set up boxes

Jewelry set up boxes or rigid boxes with shinning black & silver paper Works as jewelry ...
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premium paper box for candle collection

Blue premium paper box with lantern pattern for candle

Blue premium paper box with lantern pattern Customized Blue textured paper with lantern pattern Golden and ...
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reed diffuser rigid paper box collection

Outstanding reed diffuser luxury paper box

Outstanding reed diffuser luxury paper box Flower shape black pattern + embossed line back ground white paper, ...
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premium art paper rigid box collection

Bespoke premium art paper rigid box with wings

Premium art paper rigid box design shows high quality and enhance your products inside: With sleeve at ...
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Premium black box

High quality paper box with textured paper and golden logo

High quality paper box with premium texture and golden logo Textured paper will show high ...
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fitness bracelet box collection

3 Tips to design smart fitness bracelet packaging

Smart fitness bracelet is also called intelligent fitness bracelet or smart wrist. It has become ...
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sliding boxes collection

6 stylish paper sliding boxes

Sliding boxes are paper boxes which have sliding structure, and it is sometimes called drawer boxes. Since it ...
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round hat box collection

Benefits of Hat Boxes Variety 

It can be tempting to choose just one or two designs for hat boxes, and ...
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folding box collection

Improving Your Sales with folding boxes 

Do you sometimes realize the freight of your empty paper boxes will occupy a lot of ...
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watch boxes for women

Beautiful Watch Box for Women Selection

If you are in charge of a particular brand or product, you will know how ...
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watch box for men

Elegant Personalized Watch Boxes for Men

Even in the current age of smartphones, there are still some classy men who still like ...
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watch box collection

Various watch box templates

Are you looking for a custom fashion watch box? If you are looking for one, whether ...
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bracelet gift box tempaltes

Tips for Choosing a Bracelet Gift Box

Choosing a bracelet gift box is as important as deciding which bracelets to place inside the ...
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buddha beads necklace gift box

Buddha Beads Necklace Gift Box – Your Options

When people think of Alagobox Buddha beads necklace gift box, what they probably have in mind ...
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truffle packaging collection

Sourcing Chocolate Truffles Packaging templates

Chocolates are among the most popular treats today. There are different types of chocolates designed ...
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candy box collection

Candy Box Exquisite Packaging

Candy box delivers sweet to all people shared, so candy box is supposed to be with bright color ...
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golf ball packaging collection

Golf Ball Packaging to promote your sales

If a golf ball packaging will promote your sales for golf balls? What kind of ...
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jewellery gift box collection

What People Want in a Jewellery Gift Box?

When you outsource jewellery gift box or make jewellery box design, you may have a ...
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jewelry gift box collection

How To Shop for Jewelry Box

How to shop for jewelry box? Especially for jewelry box or jewelry boxes for girl ...
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necklace box collection

The Personalized Necklace Box for the Personalized Necklaces

For women who would like to be always fashionable, having a stylish necklace is one of ...
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ring boxes collection

Tips in Sourcing Ring Boxes

Ring boxes are used not just to store the ring in a secure manner, but ...
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earring box collection

Earring Jewelry Box

Jewelry companies often have a hard time sourcing for earring jewelry box. Packaging is a crucial item, but ...
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mug boxes collection

Perfect mug boxes or cup boxes

For those who are thinking about buying new coffee mugs for their own use or ...
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candle boxes collection

Candle Boxes – create the fashion

Candles can prove to be the perfect gift that anybody can receive regardless of the occasion ...
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photo album box collection

Photo Album Packaging helps you to seal unique memories

Despite the fact that we live in an age where everything is enjoyed through the internet ...
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skin care packaging collection

Important Skin Care Packaging Ideas

One important thing to consider about people and especially customers is thatpeople really do judge ...
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nail polish collection

Importance Making Your Nail Polish Boxes Appealing

An inspiring and important makeup item that everyone should have is nail polish.Well-designed nail polish ...
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suit box collection

Box Suit – Packaging Suits Perfectly

Wearing tailored suits can make you look classy, elegant, and sophisticated especially when properly pressed ...
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wallet gift box collection

Why Wallet Packaging Matters

Sometimes companies become too focused on their product, how it is constructed and what it ...
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tie box collection

How to Choose an Attractive Box Tie

A tie storage box is an important organizational tool that every person who wears a ...
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belt box collection

How to Find the Best Belt Box for Your Brand

Are you looking for a belt box? Whether it is for organizing your collection or ...
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sunglasses box collection

What you Need to Know about Sunglasses Box

When it comes to sourcing for eyewear packaging, companies need to decide what’s best for ...
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olive oil packaging design

Appealing Olive Oil Packaging Designs

Olive oil has been one of the preferred cooking oils by chefs as well as ...
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honey package collection

Eye-Catching Honey Package

It's important, if not vital, to maximize the quality of the honey that is beingmarketed ...
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tea boxes collection

Bespoke Boxes: The Best Choice for Tea Boxes Packaging

Are you in the business of selling different variants of tea? Are you thinking of ...
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cookie boxes collection

3 Tips to Deliver Your Delicious Cookies with Custom Cookie Boxes

Product packaging is a crucial decision that you must make to get more sales and ...
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modernized egg boxes

Modernizing Egg Boxes with Corrugated Paper Board

Everyone is familiar with seeing egg boxes made from cardboard or polystyrene that it seems ...
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shirt box collection

Superior Quality Shirt Box Solutions

Cool packaging design for shirt box or T-shirt boxes Presentation boxes are now becoming highly in ...
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shoe box collection

Custom Shoe Boxes

 If You’ve Branded Your Shoes, You Should do the Same with its Packaging Shoes boxes are ...
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wine gift box collection

Unique Wine Gift Box Design Impacts Your Wine Sales?

Unique Wine Gift Box Design Impacts Your Wine Sales? For every service area, presentation matters a ...
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facial mask packaging collection

Tips for Facial mask packaging

If you are in the business of cosmetics, especially in the case of selling face ...
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best lipstick packaging

Creative Lipstick Packaging

Starting out a business can be quite very tough, especially if you are treading the ...
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custom apparel boxes

Luxury apparel boxes

Thinking about apparel box, what will be in your mind? I think most are simple ...
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chocolate box with laser cut colorful corrugated paper

Stylish Chocolate Package

Are your chocolate package delivering tasty, sweet and yummy, or something else? Are your chocolate package easy ...
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glass screen protector craft paper packaging

Tempered glass screen protector packaging

Premium tempered glass screen protector or screen guard is one of the most popular new ...
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