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Value engineering for innovative packaging

With 15 years’ experience in the paper innovative packaging box industry, the Alagobox Engineering team is able and willing to provide valuable engineering advice for free. We are well known for our strength in material, structural, and special design. Small tricks can sometimes bring you incredible benefits you may not be aware of.

When we review your artwork and design with a full understanding of your requirements, including quality demand and target market, we will check if the final design is feasible for production. For example, if we need to create some draft for the edges, if the dimensions need to be changed slightly for a better match, or if another kind of raw material will be more suitable for quality and process control.

Along with our sourcing team, Alagobox have more than 4000 kinds of Engineering advice for packaging boxmaterial for customers to select from. Our engineers can give you paper usage advice according to your products. For example, typically we use 1200g paper board for luxury packaging boxes, if your product is heavy and has strict drop test requirements, we will advise you to use heavier and stronger paper board in order to strengthen protection. Likewise, if you plan to use special textured paper for your product, after our review we may find normal paper with special printing which will also meet your design requirements while saving material expenses for you.

Our engineers are good at structural checking, and can usually advise you on smart structuring, leading you to have lower transportation costs. For example, some types of foldable packaging box can save significant shipping costs. 

innovative packaging foldable shoe boxinnovative packaging shoe box with clear windowinnovative packaging foldable shoe box with windowblue innovative packaging gift boxinnovative dark blue gift box with ribboninnovative packaging box with ribbon

To get valuable Engineering advise, contact Alagobox Engineering team TODAY.