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FREE Structural Design and Die/Plate Design for your special packaging box

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If you have your existing designs already, looking for reliable production team to support, you can contact us to for


If you just have ideas already, looking for supports from our designer team, you can contact our designers for help


free structural design                                                  FREE Die & Plate Design

Paper box design, free templates

Consumers prefer to buy personalized products, so more personalized brands and innovative products are emerging in our market.

Many new product owners and developers encounter the same problem – after developing a new project or brand, will you consider some kind of custom paper box desgin to add more value to your product or brand? Would you like innovative  packaging box design to match or highlight the contents? But when you want to create a custom paper box, you lack design experience and knowledge about box structure. If this is you, you can simply go to and we will help you design your custom box free of charge.

The only things you need to send to us are:

  1. One piece or set of your product, or its dimensions. A prototype is also acceptable. This way we can support you in finalizing the box dimensions, as well as the inner tray or supporter size.

Prototype for paper box designEVA inner tray for paper box designHow prototype match paper box trayPrototype and paper box inner tray

  1. Your preferred packaging paper box templates. You can choose one from the catalog we send to you or click here to find normal packaging box templates. With this, we can finalize the detailed box structure. To get a catalog of paper packaging box structure options, click here for the FREE Catalog.

top and bottom cover paper box  paper drawer box joint cover paper box for weight loss product corrugated paper box with window

  1. Your special paper packaging box quality requirements. For example, you may need a luxurious paper box which is waterproof, moisture-proof, or drop-tested. With this information, we can support you in finalizing the raw material selection.

textured paper for paper box design  laser cut paper sleeve for paper box design various inner tray material for paper box design kraft paper material for paper box design

With the above three things, Alagobox can support you through a FREE paper box structural design, as well as a die & plate design, according to your product. We believe this service will create exceptional value for your brand or product.

Want to find more options for Material Sourcing, you can click here or Contact Us at for more information.