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Alagobox has 15 years of experience in manufacturing premium packaging. Our clients come from Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Australia and Asia. Our team of professionals is highly knowledgeable when it comes to making shipments to most countries of the world. Along with our long-term forwarpremium packaging logisticding partners in China, we also have Customs clearance companies, vessel companies and local forwarders to provide safe and cost-competitive transportation for you.

For example, with our customer “Kmart” from Australia, our delivery terms are based on FOB. When a batch is ready to ship, we contact a forwarder who Kmart consigned, and they will advise us on vessel sailing information. We choose a suitable vessel then start to complete Chinese export documents and get Customs clearance for the export. We arrange a container pickup and hand over the container to a vessel company in a timely manner. After the vessel sails, we provide a ‘bill of landing’ document to Kmart in order to inform them on the vessel’s arrival destination, so Kmart can pick up the cargo.

premium packaging shipment

DDU delivery terms are used for any work other than that which is under FOB terms, with which we also monitor the destination forwarder or agent. The destination forwarder/agent needs to finish all importing procedures, which includes arranging container pickup, Customs clearance and truck arrangements. You only need to coordinate with the destination forwarder/agent, provide some company documents, pay tax and wait for the boxes to arrive at their destination.

Furthermore, we also consider transportation fees from a logistics perspective, with this question: how do we support customers to save shipping costs when designing? Sometimes, we will suggest changing the box structure from fixed top & bottom rigid boxes to foldable ones. 50 pieces fit in one carton box with a top and bottom box structure, while foldable box structures mean it is possible to increase this number to 80. If our shipping rate to the U.S. by sea is USD40/carton, a top & bottom box structure will cost USD0.8/pc in shipping, while a foldable box structure will only cost USD0.5/pc, a 38% saving on freight.

premium packaging box for shoepremium foldable shoe box multiple color foldable box for shoe tree







Besides it, our talented Engineering team will provide valuable advice on premium packaging rigid box design, and small tricks or changes can sometimes bring you an incredible benefit you may not be aware of.

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