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Luxury Gift Box Pre production sample

After you choose to cooperate with Alagobox, we usually need to provide luxury gift box Pre Production Samples (PPS) for you to approve in order to make sure all details are finalized.

Alagobox provides two kinds of PPS. One is called a digital printing box, and the other a machine printing box. It depends on the client’s request. Digital printing boxes cost much less than machine printing boxes.

Luxury gift box Pre Production Samples (PPS) are made by the following procedure.

1.   You will work with the Alagobox team to get your structural design and artwork design finalized. Alagobox provide FREE Structural Design, and you can get artwork done on your end. You can also click here for packaging box templates.

2.  We start to print artwork. If a digital printing box is selected, we will print by digital printing machine. The color of digital printing box will sometimes have slight discrepancies from production machine printing, but they are pretty close. If a machine box is selected, we will print by production printing equipment, which will present exactly as the production result will. However, this will cost more in sampling fees than a digital printing box due to the machine set up charge.

3.  We die cut the paper board and laminate printed paper onto the board.

4.  Our samples team will form the sample according to your requirements. During sample making, the Engineering team will inspect the samples according to your artwork and any special requests.

5.   Your samples will be sent out.

The overall sampling lead time is 2-4 working days, and pictures will be sent to you before shipping.

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