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Wide range raw material options for your selection

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Bespoke Boxes Material Selection

Still worry how to make material selection for bespoke boxes? Contact Alagobox team at

From working with our suppliers and sourcing team, we have over 4000 types of raw material available for your selection. This is a wide range for bespoke box companies. This raw material pool covers art paper, textured paper, corrugated paper, inner tray materials, fitments, ribbons, other tiny links, etc.

With Kraft paper, for example, you will find raw materials from China as well as from overseas.

If you are designing your unique and stylish bespoke box now, whether it is a premium rigid box, quality corrugated box, luxury presentation boxes or eco-friendly kraft box, you can definitely find something to fit your design idea.

Art Paper & textured paper for bespoke boxes

bespoke gift boxes art paperbespoke boxes touched paperbespoke boxes art paperbespoke boxes paper board

art paper for bespoke boxestouched paper for bespoke box

colorful art paper for bespoke boxes textured paper for bespoke boxes


Kraft paper and metallic paper or pearled paper for luxury bespoke packaging boxes

metallic paper with brushing line pearl paper for bespoke boxesmetallic paper for bespoke boxesbespoke boxes metallic paper





textured metallic paper for bespoke boxes

kraft paper for bespoke boxes

brown and black kraft paper boards for bespoke boxes

textured pearl paper for bespoke boxes







Fitments or inner trays for unique bespoke boxes packaging, including foam, paper stand, EVA, pulp tray, vacuum tray, color corrugated tray etc

colorful corrugated paper boards for bespoke boxes corrugated paper inner tray for bespoke boxes vacuum tray for bespoke boxes pulp tray for bespoke boxes bespoke boxes inner tray material eva material inner tray for bespoke boxes cardboard fitments for bespoke boxes flocking EVA fitment for bespoke boxes











Other tiny components for your personalized bespoke boxes

ribbon for bespoke gift boxesfolding bespoke boxes with ribbonplastic hanger tab for bespoke boxes PVC hanger tab for bespoke boxesfabric puller for bespoke boxesbespoke boxes pullerfabric handle for bespoke boxeslock for bespoke boxesribbon material for bespoke boxes laser cut sleeve for bespoke boxes










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