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Quality packaging boxes manufacturing

Unlike most hand-made quality packaging manufacturers in China, Alagobox believes automatic production will bring more benefits to our customers and as such is willing to invest continually in automatic machines.

This concept brings more and more automatic processes into Alagobox’s production, from a simple corrugated box folding machine to a forming machine for quality packaging, we have experienced everything from partial automatic processes to fully automatic production processes, and this has contributed to our outstanding service to our customers. However, we still keep partial automatic production line and hand-made production line, so as to meet various high quality packaging templates demands which may not work in automatic machine. 

1.      Large sampling machine lets us do all samples in house. Instead of spending time making die cut tools, Alagobox has a large die line cutting machine, so no matter how big the sample is, we can do it in house to save customer time and money. Also, our valuable Engineering team will help you to create a qualified packaging box the first time you arrange a sample, with our high quality machinery and strict process control.

2.     Alagobox’s high quality rigid packaging box forming machine will output over 10,000 boxes daily. Typically, this number is only around 2000-4000 in most of our competitors. With our high output, your turnaround time is shorter than elsewhere.

quality packaging manufacturing

high quality packaging automatic production line







3.      Alagobox has almost all the processes you could need under one roof, which enables us to control everything well and under one system. This also increases our efficiency and saves you money. UV printing, laser cutting, embossing, hot-stamping, and other various processes are under the management and control of one team.

hot stamping for quality packaging embossing for quality packaging laser cutting for quality packaging clear uv printing for quality packaging






With automatic machines and all-processes-under-one-roof, Alagobox has a more reliable process and can yield higher quality packaging paper boxes for our customers, whether it is colorful corrugated boxes, rigid box or gift boxes. Don’t hesitate, contact Alagobox for a Free Design or a precise sample,

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