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We Produce and Deliver ultimate personal care packaging and commodity packaging boxes

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Custom Printed Rigid Boxes for Personal care & Commodity

We Produce and Deliver Ultimate Personal Care Pacaging and Commodity Packaging Boxes

Alagobox service different personal care packaging & commodity brands packaging boxes, including health care, weight loss machine, medical belt, thermometer, Condom, bottle opener, snoring treatment to food detector, medical machine, nose increased device, shoe balls, silk quilt, sleepwear,cups, etc.

At Alagobox, you will find personal care packaging & commodity packaging boxes to increase product visibility with unique, eye-catching exterior designs. Our talented designers and professional Engineers will work with you to create unique personal care packaging which can bolster your brand image and enhance your sales opportunities.

In this collection, you will find many brands we are serving, including Dr. Martens, Le Creuset, Dulex, etc. Packaging for personal care and commodity products can be retail friendly, and we provide you an extensive selection of customization options. Alagobox works with each and every client to design and produce the ultimate personal care packaging and commodity packaging to reflect the product and convey brand messaging, whether it’s corkscrew packaging, weight loss machine packaging, shoe balls packaging, cup gift boxes or any other packaging need.

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kraft paper drawer box

Available Structure for Packaging Box


1.  Top & Bottom box structure

conew_conew_dscn8845[1] conew_conew_dscn8683

 2.  Drawer Box

 conew_conew_dscn0383 conew_conew_dscn8157

 3.  Customized shape 

conew_conew_dscn0880 conew_conew_dscn0875 


 4.    Corrugated box structure for retail

 conew_conew_dscn9050[1] conew_conew_dscn9143



Available Material & Process for Packaging


1.   Texted paper

textured paper for cosmetic packaging conew_conew_conew_dscn8837

2.   Metallic Paper and Brushing line paper

metallic paper for beauty packaging conew_conew_metallic paper 1 

3.   Hotstamping

conew_conew_dscn9787 conew_conew_dscn8443[1]

 4.   Embossing

conew_conew_dscn0112 conew_conew_dscn8954

 5.    UV Printing

 conew_conew_clear uv printing conew_conew_dscn9162

 6.   Inner tray material options

conew_conew_conew_dscn7227 conew_conew_conew_dscn8924 conew_conew_dscn8931 conew_conew_dscn8960 conew_conew_dscn9190 conew_conew_dscn9230[1]